Valiant 5

A Vintage Styled amp, hand built from scratch, with care and dedication, using top notch components for the BEST Tone.
The Valiant 5 offers a simple, direct, and juicy circuit path of Pure Tone.
Its Juicy tone makes it great for all vintage tones, from Rock, to Blues, to Jazz or Country Music.
Its Low power rating, allows a cranked up saturated tone at appropriate levels of playing.
Electronics use point-to-point construction, vintage style hand wound transformers, vintage oil capacitors, carbon resistors and NOS tubes.
The non-magnetic inox steel chassis is in a luxorious solid hard wood cabinet, make it a luxorious display piece in any envoirment.
The front panel features a Hi and Low input, for flexibility and a single volume control for the amount of gain.
The hot/cold Switch, allows to switch on the negative feedback on or off, giving different tone, headroom and dynamics.

Power Output: 5 watts SE
Preamp Tubes: (1x) 12AX7
Power Tubes: (1x) 6v6GT
Rectifier Tube: (1x) 5y3GT
Controls: Volume, switch hot/cold.

 (Available on pre-order) 
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