Spartan 30

A vintage styled amp, hand built from scratch, with care and dedication, using top notch components for the BEST Tone.
Its juicy tone and features make it great for all vintage tones, from Rock, to Blues, to Jazz, or Country Music.
Electronics use turret board construction, vintage style hand wound transformers, vintage oil capacitors, carbon resistors and NOS tubes.
The non-magnetic stainless steel chassis is fit in a luxorious solid hard wood cabinet, make it  luxorious  display piece  in any envoirment. 

Features: Output: 30 Watts Pentode/ 15 Watts Triode
Output Tubes: 4x EL84
Preamp Tubes: 1x Ef86, 3x 12ax7
Rectifier: 1x Gz34 
Controls: (Channel 1) Ef86 Pentode/Triode, Volume, Bright, (Channel 2) Volume, Link, (Channel 3) Volume, Treble, Bass,(All Channels) Cut, (Power section) Pentode/Triode.
Additional 2 distint modes of channel operation (Stock/AC30 style), acessible user friendly cathode bias adjust pot, patch cable channel blending option, or crosstalk blending, 8 and 15 ohm outputs, Fx loop on channel 3.

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