segunda-feira, 20 de maio de 2013

Guitar -> Victorious 14

Live recording session (full lenght) at Mv Studios, Portugal, for Leonidas Amplification.
Pedro Leonidas-Guitar, Augusto Macedo-Hammond, Vasco Gomes-Drums.
No audio editing was used, besides leveling the microphones.
Leonidas Amps used: Victorious 14 (guitar), Victorious 24 (organ)
(guitar: nashville tele with reilander pickups; organ: B3 plugin thru amp)

sábado, 18 de maio de 2013

Victorious 24

Thats why they sound so good...
Hand built, Point to point construction,
NOS tubes (this are out of production from the 60's), paper-oil caps, cc resistors, grain oriented steel output transformer, Alnico 12" speaker, hand made wood cabinet...loud and natural 24 watts of tone.

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